Release Notes for CernVM-FS 2.10.0

CernVM-FS 2.10.0 is a feature release containing new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. Highlights are:

  • Support for proxy sharding with the new client option CVMFS_PROXY_SHARD={yes|no}

  • Improved use of the kernel page cache resulting in significant client performance improvements in some scenarios (e.g., #2879)

  • Fix for a long-standing open issue regarding the concurrent reading of changing files (CVM-2001)

  • Support for unpacking container images through Harbor registry proxies in the container conversion tools

  • Various bugfixes and smaller improvements

New platforms: EL 9 (x86_64 and AArch64), AArch64 on Ubuntu

As with previous releases, upgrading should be seamless just by installing the new package from the repository. As usual, we recommend to update only a few worker nodes first and gradually ramp up once the new version proves to work correctly. Please take special care when upgrading a client in NFS mode.

For Stratum 0 servers, all transactions must be closed before upgrading. For Stratum 1 servers, there should be no running snapshots during the upgrade. After the software upgrade, publisher nodes require doing cvmfs_server migrate for each repository.


For gateway deployments, the cvmfs-server package on remote publishers needs to be updated in lockstep with the cvmfs-gateway package due to a backwards compatibility bug.


The machine-readable output of cvmfs_server tag -x -l and cvmfs_server tag -x -i changed following the removal of the (unused) concept of “channels” from the CernVM-FS repository meta-data. In the output of these two commands, the second-last “channel” column has been removed.


This release introduces a new base package, cvmfs-libs, that is now required by the cvmfs-server package. In future releases, more packages will depend on cvmfs-libs.

Bug fixes

  • [client] Gracefully handle open, changing files (CVM-2001)

  • [client] Fix race in the startup of the shared cache manager in debug mode (#2910)

  • [client] Fix minor memory leak during reload (#2976)

  • [client] Fix latency measurement of fuse callbacks (#3025)

  • [server] Fix ingestion with a new nested catalog of an empty tarfile (#3055)

  • [server] Fix creation of stratum 1 from HTTPS stratum 0 (#2974)

  • [server] Avoid double-slash URLs in HTTP HEAD requests (#2989)

  • [server] Fix check for open file descriptors before publishing

  • [server] Catch unexpected errors in transaction command (#3004)

  • [gw] Remove too strict repository name check (#2973)

  • Fixes for compiling on macOS > 10.15

Improvements and changes

  • [client] Change default visibility of synthetic extended attributes to rootonly

  • [client] Cancel network fail-over cycle when fuse request is canceled (#2983)

  • [client] Add catalog hash to catalog_counters xattr (#2900)

  • [server] Remove partial support for “channels” from manifest (#2838)

  • [server] Ignore size of directories in cvmfs_server diff output

  • [server] Add OS version to meta.json (#2863)

  • [server] Add /var/log/cvmfs to cvmfs-server rpm including SELinux label (CVM-2070)

  • [container tools] Add support for container registry proxies through DUCC_<REGISTRY_NAME>_PROXY environment variable (#2893)

  • [container tools] Support images with OCI manifest (#2851)